“WhatsApp is set to introduce a feature that will make it effortless for users to seamlessly transition between audio and video messages.”

WhatsApp support for 18 smartphones ending on October 24

WhatsApp is actively developing several new features designed to enhance the user experience. A recent online report has shed light on the instant messaging app’s efforts to introduce a new menu that simplifies the transition between audio and video message modes.

According to WABteaInfo, WhatsApp is currently rolling out this new menu for switching between audio and video message modes. This feature is currently in beta mode and exclusively available to Android beta testers. To access this feature, users must install the updated version

“WhatsApp is rolling out a fresh privacy feature, enabling users to share voice notes in ‘view once’ mode. Currently accessible to Android and iOS beta testers, this feature prohibits recipients from exporting, forwarding, saving, or recording the voice note. Once the note is sent with ‘view once’ mode enabled, both the sender and recipient will no longer have access to it.”

¬†Some beta testers are experimenting with a menu that offers the choice between voice notes and instant video messages. It’s worth noting that with the latest update, WhatsApp is removing the toggle for managing instant video messages, meaning this feature will always be enabled by default. Users can switch to a different mode by opening the menu.

This new menu empowers users to select the mode that best suits their current needs, whether it’s a voice note or an instant video message. Notably, automatic switching could sometimes lead to unintended mode changes. With the dedicated menu, users can confidently choose their desired mode, reducing the chances of unexpected switches.

“Understanding the functionality of this feature”

“WhatsApp will no longer provide support for 18 smartphone models starting from October 24.”

“The popular messaging platform has revealed its intention to discontinue compatibility with select Android and iPhone devices starting next week. As of October 24, 2023, WhatsApp will cease support for specific outdated smartphone models.

WhatsApp explained, ‘In order to stay in step with the latest technological advancements, we periodically discontinue support for older operating systems to allocate our resources to the most current ones. If your operating system is no longer supported, you will receive notifications and reminders to upgrade your device and maintain access to WhatsApp. We will also consistently update this page to ensure that the latest supported Android version is clearly listed.’

“Starting from October 24, 2023, WhatsApp will cease to be compatible with specific older smartphone models. WhatsApp’s rationale for this decision is to stay in sync with the latest technological advancements, which requires them to periodically discontinue support for older operating systems and direct their resources towards supporting the most current ones.”

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