Nothing Phone 2a vs. Phone 2: Which one should you have in your pocket?

Nothing Phone 2a versus Phone 2: Which one belongs in your pocket?

The premium pricing of the Nothing Phone 2 sparked curiosity. Now, the Phone 2a seeks to attract value-conscious buyers, but at what cost?”

Nothing Phone 2a has recently introduced its new budget-friendly device, the Phone 2a, marking the third addition to its smartphone lineup. A year ago, drawing a comparison with the brand’s second smartphone, the Phone 2, would have been a stretch, considering the Nothing Phone 2’s launch price of Rs 44,999. However, with the Phone 2 now available at a more affordable Rs 36,999, the dynamics have shifted. While it’s not a direct comparison, the reduced price prompts consideration of one over the other.

This becomes particularly enticing as, on paper, both devices appear to offer similar features. They both boast 50MP camera systems, identical front camera sensors, and very similar displays. However, there’s more to the comparison than meets the eye. In this article, we’ll delve into the distinctions between these two devices.

Nothing Phone 2a vs Nothing Phone 2: Design

While the Nothing Phone 2 and Phone 1 embraced iPhone-inspired aesthetics, the Nothing Phone 2a takes a different and refreshing approach. This phone showcases a distinctive camera island positioned at the center, and there’s hope that Nothing will continue this design for future phones, potentially enhancing the recognizability of Nothing devices.

However, the significantly lower price of the Nothing Phone 2a required some compromises in the materials department. The super-premium aluminum frame and glass back from the Nothing Phone 2 have been replaced with plastic in the Phone 2a. Surprisingly, the difference in hand-feel isn’t as pronounced as expected. The Phone 2a’s plastic frame offers a satisfying texture that some users may even prefer over the Phone 2’s metal frame.

Yet, it’s undeniable that a Gorilla Glass back and aluminum frame provide superior durability. The Phone 2a is more prone to scratching, especially without a case, given the nature of plastic. Additionally, the Nothing Phone 2 boasts a superior Glyph Interface with more LED lights covering a larger portion of its back, unlike the Nothing Phone 2a, which only features three of these lights.


Both phones feature a 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen, but the Nothing Phone 2a boasts slightly slimmer bezels, measuring just 2.1mm thick – 0.2mm thinner than its counterpart. Additionally, it offers a brighter display for general use, reaching 700 nits compared to the Phone 2’s 500 nits. The Nothing Phone 2a also stands out with its uniquely rounded corner radius, adding a cool aesthetic touch, albeit slightly encroaching on the screen real estate, a detail you’d have to squint to truly notice.


The Nothing Phone 2a doesn’t compromise on software features, delivering the complete Nothing OS 2.5 experience even at its affordable price point. Equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro, this phone handles everyday tasks with ease, ensuring minimal performance differences. However, when it comes to gaming, there’s a noticeable gap in graphics settings and overall performance compared to the Phone 2, which boasts the more powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 with a beefier GPU.”

The Nothing Phone 2a features a slightly larger 5,000mAh battery, compared to the Phone 2’s 4,700mAh unit. However, the difference in capacity is marginal and may not significantly impact performance. Both phones share the same 45W charging capability, but the 2a lacks wireless charging functionality.


Despite the price gap, the Nothing Phone 2a and Nothing Phone 2 share remarkably similar camera specifications. Both phones are equipped with a 50MP primary camera, 50MP ultrawide lens, and a 32MP front camera. The sensors are almost identical, except for the primary camera – the Nothing Phone 2a features a Samsung GN9 sensor, while the Phone 2 boasts the superior Sony IMX890 sensor. As a result, the Phone 2 is expected to capture sharper photos, especially in low-light conditions.


The Nothing Phone 2a and Nothing Phone 2 differ significantly due to their respective price points. While the Phone 2 faced criticism for being slightly overpriced at its launch (Rs 44,999), the Phone 2a is receiving praise as one of the best value propositions in the current market.

If build quality is a priority for you, then the Nothing Phone 2 is the preferred option, although you might find a similar experience by using a case with either device. The Phone 2 also excels in gaming performance and primary camera capabilities.

However, the value proposition of the Phone 2a is hard to ignore. With a price difference of Rs 13,000, you get nearly all the features of the Phone 2. If you don’t classify yourself as a ‘power’ user, you’ll likely not notice much of a difference between the two handsets.

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