“Google unveils ‘Watch Page for News’ on YouTube in 11 Indian languages.”

“Google for India 2023: YouTube Set to Introduce News Watch Page”

“During the most recent Google for India event, the company introduced the ‘watch page experience’ for news stories on YouTube. This innovative watch page will grant users access to videos from reputable news sources, offering recommendations spanning video on demand, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts.”

“Accessible in eleven different Indian languages.”

“YouTube has declared that the news watch page will be introduced in India, covering 11 languages, during the fourth quarter of 2023. To access the watch page related to a specific news topic, simply click on a video featuring a newspaper icon located on the homepage or within search results. Initially, this feature will be made available to mobile users, while integration with desktop and living room platforms is planned for the upcoming months.”

“This update not only empowers news organizations to interact with their audience through diverse content formats in distinctive ways but also reinforces YouTube’s dedication to linking viewers with timely and meaningful news content, allowing them to delve deeper into the news subjects that matter to them,” stated Google.”

“The company also noted that in 2022, one in three users in India conducted news searches.”

“How the Watch Page for News Operates”

YouTube explained that the watch page will offer video recommendations, Shorts, and relevant content based on the prominent news story of the day. For instance, if the significant news event is Chandrayaan-3, the watch page will suggest videos related to the mission from various credible news sources on YouTube. This content will include the latest updates, explanations, commentary, live news coverage, and Shorts, as stated by Mira Chatt, the Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy, India, YouTube.

Additionally, Google revealed that the YouTube creative ecosystem made a significant contribution to the Indian GDP, amounting to over Rs 16,000 crores, and supported more than 750,000 full-time equivalent jobs in 2022.”

“Innovation Program for News Shorts”

“Google has additionally unveiled the News Shorts Innovation Program, designed to bolster the short-form video capabilities of news organizations by offering financial grants and support. Google is collaborating with more than 20 organizations in 10 countries, providing a total of $1.6 million in funding.”

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