Top 5 Wearables in 2024: Must-See Gadgets

The Most Anticipated Five Wearables Set to Debut Next Year

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a new wearable, the offerings in 2023 may have left you somewhat underwhelmed. While there were notable device announcements, none stood out as revolutionary compared to their predecessors.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 maintained the design similarities with their predecessors, the Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, while introducing some enhancements, didn’t deviate significantly from their earlier versions—except for the noteworthy return of the rotating bezel on the Classic.

Fortunately, 2024 holds promise, with rumors suggesting the arrival of genuinely exciting wearables in the coming 12 months.

Galaxy Ring by Samsung

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring is set to kick off the new year, and it stands out as one of the more thrilling wearables on the horizon. Samsung, with a considerable history in the wearables arena, is poised to enter a new category with the Galaxy Ring. If the company applies the same high-quality construction to smart rings as seen in its Galaxy smartphones, it could potentially dominate this sector.

Taking inspiration from popular devices like the Oura Ring and Circular Ring, the Galaxy Ring is anticipated to offer a minimalist approach to fitness tracking, incorporating various sensors within a compact and discreet design. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Ring will include many of the key features found in Galaxy Watches, such as heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and SpO2 measurement, all conveniently housed in a ring format.

Excitingly, the expected launch of the Galaxy Ring is slated for January 2024, coinciding with the release of the Galaxy S24 smartphones. The prospect of Samsung entering the smart ring market adds an element of anticipation, and we won’t have to wait too long to see if they will indeed ‘put a ring on it.

Galaxy Watch 7 by Samsung

Mentioning the Galaxy Ring naturally leads to discussions about the anticipated Galaxy Watch 7 series. Whether Samsung maintains the tradition of offering both a Galaxy Watch 7 and a Galaxy Watch 7 Classic or opts for a Watch 7 Pro in lieu of the Classic for the 2024 lineup is yet to be confirmed. However, it’s a safe bet that Samsung will unveil a refreshed Galaxy Watch in 2024, likely in the late summer, coinciding with the Galaxy Z device releases.

While specific details are currently scarce, there’s optimism that the rotating bezel, a standout feature of the Watch 6 Classic, will be retained in the 2024 successor or possibly introduced in the Watch 7 Pro. Anticipated with the flagship Watch 7 is the continuation of the premium build quality characteristic of these smartwatches, with a hopeful extension of battery life to rival competitors like Garmin—48 hours would be a welcomed improvement!

Expectations for the Galaxy Watch 7 models include the adoption of Wear OS and the integration of various health features. Building on the Watch 6’s capabilities, these may encompass blood pressure monitoring through pulse wave analysis and full-body composition measurements to replace the need for a smart scale. While the addition of compatibility with iPhones would be a positive development, it remains uncertain at this point.

Apple Watch SE 3

2024 holds significant milestones for the Apple Watch, marking a decade since the introduction of the original model. While much anticipation surrounds the expected unveiling of the Apple Watch X as the 10-year anniversary edition, let’s not overlook the modest yet reliable Watch SE.

Traditionally, the Watch SE undergoes updates approximately every two years, and with no release in 2023, it is slated for an upgrade in 2024.

Our wish list for the third-generation model includes the incorporation of an Always-On Display—an established feature in the Apple Watch Series since the Series 5, though not yet seen in the SE range. Additionally, the addition of an electrocardiogram and blood oxygen monitoring feature (pending resolution of legal matters with Masimo) would be welcome enhancements.

While the Watch SE 3 is expected to maintain a more streamlined feature set compared to the Watch X, it is anticipated to be an excellent option for a wide audience, and hopefully, it retains an affordable price point. The only drawback is the expected release timeline, with the Watch SE 3 likely making its debut alongside the new iPhone models in September 2024.

OnePlus Watch 2

When OnePlus introduced its inaugural smartwatch in 2021, initial excitement waned upon the arrival of reviews, revealing it to be a compromise compared to the Pixel Watch or Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models.

However, it seems OnePlus has absorbed valuable lessons from its initial foray, as rumors hint at the impending launch of the OnePlus Watch 2 in 2024, promising several enhancements. The anticipated improvements include a larger AMOLED display and a transition to Wear OS 4—the same operating system featured in the Pixel Watch 2. This shift from the custom-built software of the original OnePlus Watch could be a significant advantage.

Wear OS 4, developed by Google, provides greater app flexibility and a more straightforward user experience. While the precise launch date remains unconfirmed, speculation points towards a potential unveiling around Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2024, although no official details have been announced yet.

Garmin Forerunner 65

Navigating Garmin’s extensive range of devices can be a challenge, given their numerous offerings. While there’s speculation about an update to the Lily smartwatch and anticipation for the awaited Garmin Fenix 8, we’re also keeping a keen eye out for a 2024 update to the budget-friendly Forerunner.

The Forerunner 55 made its debut in June 2021, and although its release pattern isn’t strictly regular, a refresh is overdue. It proved to be an excellent choice for budget-conscious runners content with a slightly less premium build compared to Garmin’s higher-end devices, such as the Fenix series, while still benefiting from many of Garmin’s impressive software features.

Details are currently scarce, but there are expectations (or hopes) for a refresh to the Forerunner 55, potentially emerging as the Forerunner 65 in 2024.

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