A burgeoning fashion brand from Chandigarh sweeps the fashion industry off its feet.

A burgeoning fashion brand from Chandigarh sweeps the fashion industry off its feet.

A burgeoning Chandigarh-based brand sweeps through the fashion industry with a youthful flair.

The entrepreneurial journey commenced in the early days of November last year, marked by the typical challenges encountered by any emerging business. Anahat, a 35-year-old resident of Sector 18, Chandigarh, has devoted herself to nurturing a passion for diverse couture. Within just a year of unveiling her e-commerce platform featuring distinctive designs, renowned brands like VESTITO have sought collaboration with her.

Anahat’s venture faced the usual hurdles in its initial stages, common to any budding business. However, her unwavering commitment and persistence have yielded tangible results. Starting from a home-based operation to now owning an office building, Anahat personally crafts each new design. Her repertoire spans from coordinating sets to exclusive mother-daughter twinning sets, redefining comfort wear.

The inception of VESTITO originated from a post-marriage realization—a desire to pursue a dream of owning a personal label. Starting with the ‘aazif’ collection and progressing to the ‘enchantment’ collection, which introduced customized mother-daughter twinning sets, women’s dresses, and shirts, Anahat aimed to fill a void in the market concerning fabric quality and comfort wear options.

The transition of this idea into VESTITO began with financial and moral support from Anahat’s husband, leading to the initiation of e-commerce. Conducting design and manufacturing from home, coupled with extensive research and exploration for quality fabrics, Anahat’s dedication resulted in the successful crafting of collections, including ‘enchantment,’ entirely self-created.

Despite initial challenges, Anahat’s husband, engaged in the construction business, provided constant motivation. Today, VESTITO has garnered unexpected love and is in negotiations for bulk orders with a recognized brand. The brand’s reach extends to Gujarat and Mohali, with a successful summer 2023 collection delivered across various cities.

Reflecting on academic performance, Anahat emphasizes the pivotal role of knowledge over high grades. She advocates for wise decision-making, seizing opportunities, and shaping one’s career path. As for Chandigarh retaining its talent, Anahat suggests patience, family support, and hard work can lead to discovering ample opportunities within the city.

On government support for start-ups, Anahat proposes more exhibitions across major cities, akin to those held at the India Expo Centre in Noida for the garment industry. She believes such forums would facilitate direct interaction between buyers and suppliers, benefiting budding brands.

In terms of leisure activities and stress relief, Anahat turns to long walks and regular yoga practices. She emphasizes the importance of physical exertion in clearing the mind and alleviating stress.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Anahat offers a message of self-belief, trusting instincts, and avoiding rushed decisions. She echoes her husband’s advice to take breaks during tough times and start anew the next morning.

Expressing her love for Chandigarh, Anahat cherishes every corner and market in the city. However, she suggests that more government initiatives could enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chandigarh.

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