Thirst Quenched Globally: Mango Lassi Tops the Charts, Plus 3 More Indian Sips!

Thirst Quenched Globally: Mango Lassi Tops the Charts, Plus 3 More Indian Sips!

“Taste Atlas Unveils Mango Lassi as World’s Best Dairy Beverage, and It’s Not Alone!

In a surprising twist, Taste Atlas, the Croatia-based food guide, has declared India’s Mango Lassi as the reigning champion among global dairy-based beverages. The list, which meticulously picked 16 drinks from around the world, highlights the rich history and diverse flavors of this Indian classic.

But that’s not the only triumph – several other Indian beverages have secured spots on this prestigious list alongside Mango Lassi. The diverse selection includes drinks from South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Ukraine, Sweden, and Armenia, showcasing the global appeal of Indian concoctions.

Lassi, with roots dating back to 1000 BC in the regions of Multan and Punjab, has evolved over the years. Initially enjoyed as a mix of yogurt and honey stored in clay pots, it has transformed into a culinary delight with added spices, fruits, dry fruits, and herbs. This not only amplifies the taste but also enhances the nutritional value of the drink.

The Taste Atlas list features various lassi variations, each contributing to the global recognition of Indian beverages. Topping the charts is Mango Lassi, with a remarkable 4.7 rating. Crafted by blending fresh mango slices with curd, this smoothie is often garnished with cardamom and dry fruits. Its consistency can be adjusted with water, and extra sugar can be added for those with a sweet tooth. Best enjoyed cold, Mango Lassi is a staple during the abundant summer fruit season, found in many Indian restaurants and dhabas.

“Exploring Lassi Varieties: Sweet Lassi’s Summer Symphony and the Savory Twist of Salted Lassi!

Sweet Lassi:
Indulge in the sweetness of summer with Sweet Lassi, a delightful variation made by infusing curd with sugar. This refreshing treat becomes a flavor explosion with the addition of fresh fruits, cardamom, and saffron. Crafted in clay pots in Punjab, it’s served chilled, generously topped with milk cream, offering a cool respite during warm days. While Mango Lassi claims the top spot, Sweet Lassi proudly holds fifth place with an impressive 4.4 rating.

Salted Lassi:
For a savory twist, enter Salted Lassi – a buttermilk variation featuring curd tempered with cumin powder and salt. Additional spices like black pepper powder and cinnamon powder elevate its taste, crowned with froth and adorned with fresh mint leaves in a traditional clay pot. Popular across North and South India, this variation secures the 12th position on the list, boasting a respectable 3.7 rating. Embrace the summer vibes by pairing it with your favorite meals!

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