Taylor Swift Reveals Her Fitness Routine and Self-Care Practices During the Eras Tour.

“Taylor Swift Reveals Her Fitness Routine and Self-Care Practices During the Eras Tour”

Over a span of just over eight months in 2023, Taylor Swift delivered 66 sold-out performances across the Americas as part of her groundbreaking Eras Tour. Each night under the spotlight, Swift showcased over 40 songs, accompanied by intricate choreography, ensuring tens of thousands of fans had an unforgettable experience.

During the inaugural year of the tour, characterized by its career-retrospective theme, Swift exhibited remarkable physical, mental, and emotional resilience. In an interview with TIME for her 2023 Person of the Year feature, Swift expressed her desire to “superserve the fans” as a way of reciprocating their dedication to attending her concert.

Acknowledging the effort fans invested in obtaining tickets, she stated, “They had to work really hard to get the tickets. I wanted to play a show that was longer than they ever thought it would be, because that makes me feel good leaving the stadium.”


Preparations for the tour began six months ahead of its March kickoff in Glendale, Arizona. Recognizing the unprecedented challenges, Swift embraced a rigorous training routine. This included daily treadmill sessions with vocal rehearsals for the Eras setlist, a customized strength and conditioning program at Dogpound gym, and three months of dance lessons.

Swift aimed for over-rehearsal to the point of comfort, allowing her to connect with fans spontaneously. Acknowledging her limited experience with choreography, she collaborated with choreographer Mandy Moore, recommended by her friend Emma Stone. The goal was to infuse elements of Broadway and create a cinematic experience for the audience.

Prior to the tour, Swift and her team spent a month in Glendale rehearsing the show multiple times a week, a departure from her previous tour strategies. Notably, she abstained from alcohol in the months leading up to the tour, except for a celebratory night at the Grammys.

Throughout the tour, which often featured three consecutive shows per city, Swift maintained discipline, even abstaining from alcohol during the breaks between tour legs. Despite the demanding schedule, she found fulfillment in the process, describing a typical “dead day” as a dream scenario, where she remained in bed to recuperate.

The Eras Tour, set to resume in February 2024, will span Asia, Australia, and Europe before concluding with 18 final shows in North America in October. Swift remains committed to maintaining her peak performance, emphasizing her identity as someone who perseveres on stage under various circumstances.

“I know I’m not drinking on tour. I know I’m working out in between shows. I know I’m keeping my strength and stamina up. I know I’m going on that stage whether I’m sick, injured, heartbroken, uncomfortable, or stressed,” she said. “That’s part of my identity as a human being now. If someone buys a ticket.”

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