Michelle Mone acknowledges potential gains from a £60 million PPE profit.

Michelle Mone has acknowledged her potential financial gain amounting to tens of millions of pounds from the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the UK government during the pandemic. The deals were conducted through a company led by her husband, Doug Barrowman. In an interview with the BBC, the couple apologized for concealing their involvement in the deal for over three years.

Baroness Mone, while previously denying direct gains from the contracts that generated around £60 million in profits, now admits that she and her children are beneficiaries of financial trusts holding the funds. She clarified that if her husband were to pass away, she, along with their children, would stand to benefit. Despite facing allegations of misleading the press, she asserted that she sees no wrongdoing in their actions.

Michelle Mone and Baroness Mone revealed that they have been under investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) for two and a half years, focusing on conspiracy to defraud, fraud by false representation, and bribery. They admitted to lying about their association with the company, PPE Medpro, during the BBC interview and expressed regret for not being truthful earlier.

Barrowman, identified as the ultimate beneficial owner of PPE Medpro, defended the contracts, emphasizing the absence of guarantees until the masks and gowns were supplied. He denied profiteering allegations, asserting that the deal offered competitive prices for taxpayers. The Department of Health initiated a separate claim against PPE Medpro for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Michelle Mone and Baroness Mone criticized the government’s PPE procurement process, claiming it was “shambolic” and pointing out the overordering of £9.1 billion worth of PPE with a two-year shelf life. They argued that their lives have been “destroyed” by media attention, attributing their situation to being high-profile and successful. Baroness Mone, currently on leave from Parliament, expressed frustration with the lack of accountability from the Department of Health and criticized political figures for commenting without knowing the facts.”

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