UPDATE : Mother with cancer pleads for the release of her daughter held captive by Hamas.

Mother with cancer pleads for the release of her daughter held captive by Hamas.

“In a poignant video released by the Israeli government, a mother battling brain cancer passionately appeals to Hamas for the release of her 26-year-old daughter, who was abducted from the Supernova music festival on October 7. The emotional plea by Liora Argamani is featured on the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Facebook page, where she seeks assistance from President Biden and the Red Cross to facilitate the return of her daughter, Noa.

Standing in front of a poster of her daughter, Liora expresses her heartfelt desire to have Noa back home. In the video, she reassures Noa of the family’s relentless efforts to secure her release, conveying a message of love despite the challenging circumstances. The footage from October 7 depicts Noa Argamani crying for help as she is taken away on a motorcycle, accompanied by her boyfriend, who was also abducted.

Noa’s father, Yaakov, shares his disbelief at the distressing images and advocates for peaceful measures to ensure Noa’s release. The family seeks a non-confrontational resolution to the situation. Since the Supernova music festival abduction, around 240 hostages were captured on October 7, with dozens being freed during a temporary ceasefire initiated last week. Notably, 16 hostages have been recently released. In exchange for the hostages’ release, 210 Palestinians have been freed from Israeli prisons.

As the current humanitarian pause approaches its potential conclusion, diplomatic efforts are underway in Qatar to negotiate an extension and prevent a resumption of hostilities.”

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