“The most costly cities in the world for business travel.”

Washington DC and San Francisco both secured spots in the top five of the leaderboard, making the US the dominant country in the ranking.

According to ECA International’s survey, New York maintained its position as the world’s priciest city for business travel in 2022, thanks to a post-pandemic boom in both business travel and tourism, causing an 8% increase in expenses compared to the previous year.

The city charged business travelers a daily rate of $796, covering expenses such as four-star accommodations, meals, taxis, drinks, and other incidental expenses.

According to a survey by consulting firm ECA International, New York City remained the most expensive business travel destination in the world in 2022, with costs rising by 8% from the previous year due to a surge in business travel and tourism.

The survey included expenses such as four-star hotels, meals, taxis, drinks, and incidentals, and found that travelers to New York could expect to spend $796 per day.

The leaderboard was largely dominated by the US, with both Washington DC and San Francisco ranking in the top five. Geneva and Zurich from Switzerland also made the cut.

Climbing inflation rates were a significant contributor to the increase in travel costs, whereas a decrease in demand due to the pandemic resulted in more reasonable rates in countries like China.

In Asia, Hong Kong held the title of the most costly destination, with a daily average expenditure of $520, which was only $5 higher than Singapore, its financial hub rival.

Meanwhile, London and Paris maintained their spots in the top ten, and Luanda, in Angola, was the most expensive location in Africa.

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