The government releases a cautionary alert to Samsung users, highlighting the elevated risk of compromised security and potential cyber attacks.

If you’re a frequent user of Samsung Galaxy devices, exercise caution as recent reports indicate peculiar hacking incidents. Some users reported unauthorized access to their phones, while others experienced photo deletion. Additionally, some users found their phone’s passcodes and fingerprints deleted. If you find yourself in a similar situation, continue reading for more information.

Ankita, a regular Samsung Galaxy phone user, shared her disbelief as she encountered an alarming message on her phone: “Incorrect PIN.” Despite her certainty about the correct PIN, which she had memorized and never changed, even resorting to the fingerprint sensor proved futile.

Ankita expressed her concern, realizing the importance of preventing unauthorized access to her phone, which contained personal information such as messages and photos. Feeling a sense of urgency, she turned to online sources and social media for information.

As Ankita searched online forums for guidance, she discovered similar reports surfacing, indicating a growing cyber threat. It seemed that a new breed of hackers was infiltrating phones, manipulating PINs, and denying users access to their own devices.

Government Issues Security Warning

India’s CERT-In department, tasked with addressing cybersecurity concerns, has issued a high-risk warning directed at users of Samsung Galaxy phones. The advisory underscores the critical need for users to promptly update their operating systems (OS) and firmware to mitigate potential security threats.

Several vulnerabilities have been identified in Samsung Mobile Android versions 11, 12, 13, and 14. Of particular concern is a significant vulnerability that could be exploited by attackers, posing risks such as information theft, code execution, and device compromise.

CERT-In explicitly states that users who fail to update their devices are exposed to an elevated risk of hacking threats. Although Samsung has released patches to address these vulnerabilities, it is imperative for users, including those like Ankita who have faced issues, to prioritize these updates to safeguard their devices from potential data breaches.

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