Microsoft has introduced the Bing Image Creator, which is fueled by OpenAI’s DALL·E artificial intelligence.

Microsoft has unveiled a new AI-based tool called the Bing Image Creator for its search engine Bing. This tool is powered by OpenAI’s DALL·E, an advanced version of its text-to-image model. With the Bing Image Creator, users can create an image by simply typing in a text prompt.

This means that users can generate both text and image content within the same chat. According to a Microsoft blog, users can describe an image, provide additional context such as location or activity, and choose an art style, and the Image Creator will generate an image from their imagination. This tool serves as a creative copilot for users.

Currently, the Bing Image Creator feature is available to Bing users in preview mode and can be accessed via the search engine’s Creative Mode. Microsoft has future plans to introduce this feature to Balanced and Precise modes in Bing. Additionally, the feature will also be accessible in Edge sidebar.

In addition to the Bing Image Creator, Microsoft is introducing Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 for all Bing users to cater to the growing demand for visual search options.

Stories comprise AI-generated images and short videos similar to Instagram Stories, while Knowledge Cards present facts and crucial information in the form of AI-powered infographics.

The updated version of Knowledge Cards includes interactive and dynamic content such as charts, graphs, visual stories, and timelines.

To ensure responsible usage of the Bing Image Creator, Microsoft has incorporated guardrails into the feature. The system can automatically detect potentially harmful images that may be generated by a prompt. In such instances, the prompt is blocked, and a warning message is displayed to the user.

Furthermore, all images created by the Image Creator will feature a modified Bing icon, indicating that they are AI-generated images.

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