Michigan student graduates with 10-day-old baby tucked in graduation gown

Michigan student graduates with 10-day-old baby tucked in graduation gown

Grace Szymchack, a Ferris State University student, welcomed her daughter into the world on December 6, just a week before her scheduled graduation on December 15. Originally planning to undergo a cesarean section on December 18, Grace’s daughter, Annabelle, had different plans and arrived early. Undeterred, Grace was determined to participate in her commencement ceremony and decided to bring her 10-day-old

baby with her.


Despite the unexpected turn of events, Grace proudly walked the graduation stage, earning her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, magna cum laude, with baby Annabelle tucked inside her graduation gown. Surrounded by the support of her husband, Caleb, and her extended family, the heartwarming moment was captured in a photo shared by Ferris State University on Instagram, gaining over 1,300 likes and numerous congratulatory comments.

Commending Grace’s resilience, one person expressed, “Amazing Mama! What a great gift to commemorate graduation!” Another congratulated her, saying, “Congratulations mama! You are an all-star!” The post also drew admiration for Grace’s spirit, with comments like, “Yes ma’am! That’s the way to do life! Fabulous! Simply fabulous!” and “Awesome! Congratulations mom.” The overwhelming response highlighted the inspiring blend of motherhood and academic achievement in Grace’s remarkable journey.

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