Live Updates on ‘Jigarthanda DoubleX’ and ‘Japan’ Movie Reviews and Release: Positive Reception for ‘Japan’ and ‘Jigarthanda DoubleX’


“This Diwali marks the release of two significant films in the Tamil film industry. Karthi celebrates his 25th film, ‘Japan,’ hitting theaters on November 10. Directed by Raju Murugan, the action heist drama stars Karthi and Anu Emmanuel in the lead roles. The crime comedy, releasing worldwide in Telugu and Tamil, features an ensemble cast including Jithan Ramesh, Vijay Milton, KS Ravikumar, and Bava Chelladurai.

Simultaneously, Karthik Subbaraj’s ‘Jigarthanda Double X’ also debuts in theaters today. This gangster drama, a sequel to the 2014 hit ‘Jigarthanda’ starring Siddharth and Bobby Simha, stars SJ Suryah and Raghava Lawrence in the lead roles. The film boasts a cast that includes Nimisha Sajayan, Shine Tom Chacko, and Naveen Chandra.

Adding to the Diwali cinematic extravaganza is Vikram Prabhu’s ‘Raid,’ directed by Karthi, featuring Sri Divya as the female lead. With these three prominent releases, the Tamil film industry promises a diverse and entertaining Diwali for moviegoers.”

“The film featuring Karthi is a comical crime drama inspired by true events. Offering a glimpse into the first half, Gokul from the US expressed, “The establishment of the Japan character and the heist, followed by a terrific interval block featuring Karthi anna’s dialogue, is fantastic. The comedy scenes have been working well thus far.”

Regarding ‘Jigarthanda Double X’

Art doesn’t wait for your choice; it chooses you.”

Karthik Subbaraj takes the helm once again with “Jigarthanda DoubleX,” a sequel that extends the gangster-meets-movie narrative he introduced in 2014. The first installment, “Jigarthanda,” redefined the Tamil gangster genre, and now, Subbaraj transports us back to the 70s. Here, a new mobster named Pandiyan (played by Raghava Lawrence) steals the limelight on the silver screen, challenging none other than Clint Eastwood.

In contrast to the previous chapter, the filmmaker, portrayed by SJ Suryah, willingly collaborates with the gangster. However, the conflict takes a new turn as Shine Tom Chacko enters the scene as the antagonist, scheming to eliminate the gangster once and for all.

Set against the backdrop of the 70s, Subbaraj weaves a tale of cinematic aspirations and underworld rivalries. Pandiyan dreams of making it big in the movie industry, injecting humor and audacity into the narrative. The choice of the 70s as the setting introduces a nostalgic charm, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the era of iconic cinema.

The film not only pays homage to the 70s cinema era but also cleverly explores the blurred lines between the real and reel worlds. The thematic shift from internal conflicts within the filmmaker-gangster duo to external threats keeps the audience engaged and invested in the characters’ fates.

For fans of the first part of “Jigarthanda,” this sequel adds a meta twist to the narrative, playfully poking fun at prevailing trends in cinema. Karthik Subbaraj, the creative force behind the film, fearlessly satirizes the pan-Indian cinema phenomenon. In a witty exchange, a character questions the absence of films portraying virtuous characters, receiving a sardonic response: “People don’t like films about good people anymore.”

The irony lies in the fact that this critique extends not only to the broader cinematic landscape but also cheekily includes “Jigarthanda DoubleX” itself in the gangster film category.

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