DOMS, India Shelter Finance is set to make its market debut today, with indications from the grey market suggesting potential listing gains of up to 65%.

DOMS Industries and India Shelter Finance: IPO Trends and Market Outlook

In the dynamic landscape of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), DOMS Industries and India Shelter Finance have emerged as noteworthy players, commanding attention with substantial grey market premiums (GMP). As of the latest updates, DOMS Industries leads with a GMP of Rs 510, marking a remarkable 65 percent premium over its issue price of Rs 790. Simultaneously, India Shelters Finance Ltd boasts a GMP of Rs 157, indicating a significant 31.85 percent premium over its issue price.

Potential for Strong Listing Gains

If the current trajectory in the grey market is indicative, both DOMS Industries Ltd and India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd are poised to deliver substantial listing gains of up to 65 percent upon their market debut on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges. This trend underscores the robust investor confidence in these companies.

Investor Interest and Subscription Metrics

The IPOs of DOMS and India Shelter Finance witnessed stellar investor response. DOMS achieved an impressive 99.34 times subscription to its IPO, while India Shelter Finance Corporation garnered 38.59 times bids last week, highlighting the strong market appetite for these offerings.

DOMS Industries: Market Presence and Core Products

DOMS Industries positions itself as the second-largest player in India’s branded ‘stationery and art’ products market, securing a market share of nearly 12 percent by value at the close of FY23. The company’s core product offerings, including pencils and mathematical instrument boxes, boast market shares of 29 percent and 30 percent, respectively, in FY23.

India Shelter Finance Corporation: Affordable Housing Focus

India Shelter Finance Corporation operates as a retail-focused affordable housing finance company, with an extensive distribution network comprising 203 branches across 15 states. The NBFC has a significant presence in states covering 94 percent of the housing finance market in India. Its target demographic is the self-employed customer base, with a strategic focus on first-time home loan seekers in the low and middle-income groups in tier II and tier III cities.

IPO Details and Market Dynamics

Both IPOs were open for subscription from December 13 to December 15. DOMS Industries had a price band of Rs 750-790 per share, while India Shelter Finance’s IPO was offered in the range of Rs 469-493 per share, with a lot size of 30 shares.

Ongoing IPO Market Activity

In the midst of a bustling IPO season, Azad Engineering’s IPO has recently opened for subscription, contributing to a total of seven mainboard IPOs available for subscription today.

Stay tuned for further developments in the IPO market as these promising companies gear up for their stock market debut, potentially unlocking substantial value for investors.

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