Bomb Threat Causes Panic Among Parents as 44 Bengaluru Schools Are Targeted

Law enforcement was promptly alerted, and they are currently conducting thorough searches within the schools for any items that may raise suspicion.

In Bengaluru, on Friday morning, 44 private schools reportedly received bomb threats via email, according to the police. The emails asserted the presence of explosives on the school premises. Promptly informed, the police are currently conducting thorough searches at the schools to identify any potential threats. Bomb disposal squads have been deployed to investigate the credibility of the bomb threats, with schools in Whitefield, Koramangala, Basveshnagar, Yelahanka, and Sadashivanagar among those being scrutinized.

“We are currently authenticating the origin of the email and treating the matter with utmost seriousness,” stated Karnataka Home Minister G Parmeshwar. “I have alerted the police to prioritize the investigation.”
“Although the phone calls seem to be false alarms, the police are adopting a cautious approach and exerting all possible efforts to identify and apprehend the individuals behind them,” added Bengaluru Police Commissioner B Dyanand.

“This morning, specific educational institutions in Bengaluru received emails suggesting a ‘bomb threat.’ The Bengaluru Police Commissioner, B Dyanand, reported that anti-sabotage and bomb detection squads have been deployed to investigate and confirm the situation. Preliminary assessments suggest that the threats may be unfounded. Nevertheless, rigorous efforts will be undertaken to identify and apprehend any individuals responsible.”

Due to a bomb threat, one of the schools released a notice to parents.
“Today, an unforeseen circumstance has arisen at the school. We’ve received a security threat from unidentified sources. As the safety of our children is our top priority, we’ve opted to promptly dismiss the students,” the notice conveyed.
On Friday, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah provided reassurance to parents, affirming, “Preventive measures have been put in place, and there’s no cause for parental alarm.”

“The police have been instructed to conduct an investigation, and I have provided them with the necessary directives. Security measures have been implemented, and there is no need for parents to panic. Specifically, I have tasked the police with inspecting schools and bolstering security measures. A preliminary report has already been received from the police department,” stated Mr. Siddaramaiah.

Among the schools affected by the bomb threat is one in close proximity to the residence of Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar.

“I was disheartened upon learning about the news on TV, especially as some schools I am familiar with, including the one near my residence, were mentioned. Upon investigation, I was shown the email by the police, and based on initial observations, it seems to be a hoax. I have spoken with the police, and they are actively looking into the matter. While it’s essential to exercise caution, there is no need for undue worry. It is natural for parents to be concerned, but rest assured, the police are effectively managing the situation,” reassured Mr. Shivakumar.

“Some mischief-makers might have done this. We will apprehend them within 24 hours. The cybercrime police are actively investigating the matter and are doing their job diligently. In the meantime, we should exercise caution and not neglect our cybersecurity measures,” he added. 

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